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When it comes to thought leadership on how to turn conflict into creative opportunities that will build better relationships, your first point of call ought to be Elizabeth Williamson. She inspires audiences to take personal responsibility and teaches the practical skills to embrace and maximise opportunities that can be gained from positive conflict.

David Penglase

Author, CSP, M Sc Applied Positive Psychology M Prof Ethics, MBA



Your personal, family and business relationships are all interconnected.

If you can’t turn work off, you won’t find time to turn toward your partner to have the fun and romance that brought you together and build a satisfying family life. Tensions at home will intrude at work. Unresolved arguments, and pressures of endless family responsibilities, can weigh you down and interfere with today’s business challenges.   

If your business partner is your spouse, you manage a family business, or you are a startup enterprise defining new ground, the ability to effectively navigate the complex boundaries between work and personal life is all the more crucial.   

Business success and a fulfilling family life are built on strong interpersonal and conflict resolution skills, stress management and the ability to maintain clear work-life boundaries. I’m here to help you tip the work-life relationship balance in your favour! 

Download my 6 Top Tips for Managing Conflict with more Confidence!  

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Download this checklist to see how well you understand the different factors contributing to misunderstandings and conflicts and important tips and reminders to improve your Conflict Confidence.