Couple and Family Services

Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Opposites attract … and then they drive each other slightly insane…

I welcome couples and families of every age, ability and sexual orientation, with in-office and online appointments.  

Gottman Method Couples Therapy is a world-renowned evidenced-based approach based on more than 40 years of research, science and education about the skilful arts of love and family life.  

The Gottman Method helps couples repair, rebuild and revitalise their relationships and empowers couples to build positive habits of appreciation and mutual understanding, through improving communication skills and managing conflict in healthier, positive ways. With skilled guidance, you can end repetitive arguments, negativity and reduce criticism and defensiveness.  

The Gottman Method is highly effective in rebuilding trust after an affair or other betrayal.  in your relationship. You increase your affection, admiration and closeness, reignite your passions and support each other’s life dreams. 

Relationship counselling can be organised around your needs, from traditional 90-minute appointments to more intensive half and full-day therapy sessions. 

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Elizabeth with Drs John and Julie Gottman, 2015.

Elizabeth has trained extensively in Gottman Method techniques. She is a certified Gottman Institute member and offers in-person and on-line appointments.

Relationship Assessment

Gottman Method Couples begins a with a comprehensive assessment of the strengths and challenges in your relationship. Over 2 joint and an individual session for each person, and including the online Gottman Relationship Checkup questionnaire, you can be confident that I will develop a deep understanding of your needs and goals.  

Based on this assessment, you will have a written report before beginning treatment sessions to ensure you understand the tailored plan ahead to strengthen your friendship, love, communication and intimacy. 

Elizabeth’s Area’s of Expertise

  • Healing from affairs and betrayal
  • Repairing emotional distance
  • Adjusting to parenthood pressures
  • In-laws and other family conflicts
  • Alcohol and addiction recovery
  • Addressing impact of past traumas
  • Communication difficulties
  • Repetitive conflicts and escalating fights
  • Improving trust and openness
  • Increasing romance, passion and good sex

Joint Session: Initial Consultation

The initial session focuses on your relationship history, exploring in a relaxed and non-judgemental approach how your relationship now functions, past issues that have led you to this point and your hopes for the future.

The Online Questionnaire: Gottman Relationship Check-Up

Each person completes a confidential online questionnaire based on the Sound Relationship House model.  The Relationship Check-Up identifies your relationship strengths and challenges.

Individual Assessments

Each partner attends a separate confidential session to explore their perspectives, family background and their hopes and goals for therapy.

Joint Session: Feedback and Treatment Planning

You receive your Relationship Check-up Report and feedback, giving you a clear understanding of the plan ahead for therapy to achieve your relationship goals.

Family Conflict Resolution

If your own attempts have not worked well, family conflicts are repetitive or escalating, it is sensible to seek advice and support from an expert in family conflicts. Different opinions, strong emotions or longstanding issues can cause family conflicts that seem overwhelming and unresolvable. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

I work with all family members to create a safe, respectful space where everyone is heard fairly and there is a balanced discussion of issues and needs. As a Family Mediator, I will carefully guide you through a confidential process that builds hope and explores mutually valued solutions. 

There are different options available to you and family members to better understand each other and find shared solutions for the future.