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Conflict Analysis

The problems leading to workplace conflicts are usually complex and complicated factors can hide the real issues. Many organisations attempt to manage conflict without implementing sufficient analysis or process, often exacerbating matters rather than resolving them. 

Bringing in a conflict specialist can make a massive difference. I can help you cut through the confusion and chaos to understand what really drives disputes, undermines leadership and contributes to increased business costs. 

The Conflict Confidence Method™  will help you cut through the confusion and chaos with a detailed report outlining:   

  • A clear framework to analyse and interpret complex situations  
  • An assessment profile highlighting the priorities for your focus and action to lead positive change.  
  • Practical, effective strategies and the timeframe to implement.  
  • Recommendations for the way forward and a consolidation plan to continue building  better relationships.  
As our small community organisation began to grow and evolve, recurring issues began to arise internally, and I struggled to identify the cause. Elizabeth was able to talk to each of our staff and board members, one on one, and ask the right questions to reveal the underlying cause.

She then provided a detailed report that came with practical steps to help us address growth and improve communication. I found Elizabeth to be empathetic and practical, and the staff felt comfortable opening up to her

Kelly Kayne

Founder, The Westsider Newspaper

Elizabeth’s coaching quickly got to the heart of problems with our customer communication strategy to reduce risks of customer complaints.

Elizabeth clarified how to approach customer expectations and see their perspectives to support our business expansion goals. I was impressed at her insights into developing consistent high quality customer relationships as we bring on board new staff.

Fil Strati

Owner, Techseek Small Business IT Support

Conflict Skills Coaching

Do you want to stop wasting time and energy on managing negative behaviours, gossip, and rudeness? Could unaddressed conflict be contributing to underperformance, poor morale and poor team relationships? 

Effectively managing challenging situations and difficult behaviours in teams, with customers, or even your manager, can be a lifesaver for your sanity and your business. These complex situations often require uncommon skills and counter-intuitive strategies.  

My role as a conflict coach is to guide you through a collaborative, goal-oriented process focused on you gaining critical insights into the nature of a particular conflict situation and increasing your influence and impact to positively resolve the contributing problems.  

Confidential one-to-one coaching can help you increase your personal and professional strengths to resolve current or potential workplace conflicts more efficiently. Coaching packages are available. 

Mediation and Facilitation

I have extensive experience providing mediation for banking, health, local government, small business and Not for Profits.  

Productive workplaces prioritise open communication and healthy relationships.

Independently facilitated mediation can help you build resilient workplace relationships, restore strained working relationships or resolve complex team dysfunction.

I offer confidential mediation and facilitation for small or large groups. I will work with you to tailor the best approach to ensure individuals and teams have a safe, collaborative environment to explore challenging conversations and find innovative, constructive outcomes.

I have extensive experience providing mediation for banking, health, local government and NFP and FP. If you need to support your team to discover new pathways to resolve potentially disruptive or divisive conversations, book a complimentary strategy call.

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold to highlight the damage and create a beautiful new object.

Similarly, conflict can positively transform us, creating something of lasting value out of difficult challenges.

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