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My passion is delivering highly interactive, information-rich and practical training programs tailored to your business needs.  

Workshop participants have access to gold-standard, research and methodologies relevant to their needs, with integrated self-assessment tools to evaluate current strengths and challenges and set well-informed, measurable progress goals.  

All programs include valuable follow-up resources to reinforce knowledge and continue skill development in the next 30 days. Programs are available online and in-person. 

With 1.2 million people through our doors every year our 350 staff must provide excellent customer service and manage real and potential conflicts in often difficult circumstances. Elizabeth gave considerable time and attention to understand the needs of our leaders and our staff teams to ensure we delivered a succinct message, shared language, valuable skills and a practical model that we could that we could implement throughout the organisation.

Adam Luscombe

General Manager, YMCA Victoria & SAALC



A Simple 6 Step Model to Manage Conflict with Confidence!

The Conflict Confidence Method will help your organisation systematically predict, assess and navigate workplace conflicts.

Your leaders, teams and individual staff will be equipped with the skills they need to understand the drivers of conflict and the attitudes and behaviours that predictably increase disagreements and entrench divisions. They will learn what really works to reduce tensions, resolve conflicts, build high levels of trust, effective communication and foster resilient, dynamic workplaces.

Based on the world renowned relationship skills research and and the best evidence-based practices in conflict resolution and organisational behaviours the Conflict Confidence Method is a simple 6-step strategy that will help your executive, leaders and staff teams find positive outcomes to the inevitable, and unexpected, workplace conflicts.

The Conflict Confidence Method will help your organisation systematically predict, assess and navigate workplace conflicts.

Without skilled training people will reliably and repeatedly act in ways that do not work to reduce workplace tensions. With a shared framework to understand and respond to emerging conflict, your business will have the practical skills to defuse difficult situations and better manage conflicts, workplace incivility and difficult customers and clients. 

Your leadership and staff teams will learn how to:

Reduce Conflicts

  • Confidently engage and set boundaries for difficult relationships and in challenging situations
  • Reduce workplace incivility and reinforce personal accountability for respectful relationships
  • Use communication strategies that reduce defensiveness, tension and hostility
  • Know what really works to reduce misunderstanding, assumptions and blame

Regain Control

  • Understand and manage stress and emotional reactivity
  • Learn a strategic framework for recognising and understanding difficult personalities
  • Successfully manage unreasonable behaviours and escalating emotions
  • Proactively manage difficult conversations through a focused communication process

Remain Resilient

  • Respond effectively to unreasonable behaviours, including personal attacks, hostile emails and social media
  • Use proven, practical approaches to remain calm and solution-focused in confrontational situations
  • Mindfulness and self-care strategies that really work
  • Improve your employee’s skills to be proactive conflict resolvers and reduce HR and leadership workloads

Leading Highly Valued Relationships

Successful relationships are the heart of a great business and the bedrock of good mental and physical health for employees.

This researched-informed program focuses on the attributes needed to initiate and maintain high-trust relationships with clients and stakeholders. Preliminary reading materials prepare flexible thinking, an intentional mindset and a science-based approach to relationship management skills.

Participants will use their own business case studies to explore, evaluate and set progress goals, including:

  • The 7 elements to mapping and measuring relationship quality, strengths and challenges
  • The art and science of trust-building and relationship repair when things go astray.
  • Emotions, decision-making and motivation drivers for different personality styles
  • Increase influence in difficult conversations and negotiations
  • Set clear boundaries for role, relationships and responsibilities
  • Learn critical relationship principles and skills in communication, emotional intelligence, influence and negotiation as well as conflict managment

Dealing with Difficult and Demanding People

Research by the High Conflict Institute indicates that the number of conflict-driven people in our society is increasing and currently represents about 10% of the population.

The Conflict Confidence Method provides a comprehensive approach to effectively deal with people who consistently use blame, excessive emotion or unreasonable behaviours in conflicts.

The usual ‘common sense’ strategies won’t work to resolve conflict with difficult and demanding people. These are the people who refuse to take responsibility for their actions, underperform or create a sense of chaos. They disrupt team functions, confuse issues and entrench escalating conflicts that seem to defy resolution, making it hard to know how to interact and manage them.

Too often these are the people who are moved around from team to team as situations deteriorate.

Dealing with Difficult and Demanding People training provides strategies informed by research and expert advice to:

  • Lead better outcomes and address responsibility and consequences for behaviours
  • Respond effectively to unreasonable and extreme behaviours, including personal attacks, hostile emails and social media
  • Effectively and proactively plan to minimise avoidance and blame games
  • Increase accountability, reduce avoidance and procrastination
  • Minimise the pressure of poor communication and unnecessary disputes
  • Regain a productive, rewarding and cooperative environment

Step Up, Speak Up: Assertiveness for Women

This unique program focuses on helping women increase their influence, assertiveness and negotiation skills. Learn how to maintain your cool and your power in challenging situations and communicate effectively and purposefully.

Packed with interactive activities and thought-provoking information, Step Up Speak Up is all about what’s really important to you in your professional and personal life.

This practical and fun program is for you if you have ever:

  • Stopped yourself from saying what you really want
  • Been silent when you needed to speak up
  • Settled for less than what you was reasonable
  • Felt consumed by people’s endless dramas and needs
  • Been the last person on your ‘to-do list’ because you’re too busy looking after everyone else
  • Wanted to increase your presence, influence and impact
  • Wanted to better manage difficult people, conversations or situations without unreasonable compromise.

Your conflict resolution workshop you held on campus was so popular Elizabeth, the session fully booked within two hours of the email sent to staff. Your genuine approach and years of expertise made the session very useful and applicable! Thank you!

Women’s Professional Development Network

University of Adelaide

Conflict and relationship skills programs designed for your needs. 

A variety of formats are available:

“Bite Size” 1 hour sessions on relevant topics.

Half day – 4 hour sessions

Full Day – 7 hour sessions

Immersive 2-day programs