Elizabeth Williamson Solutions was founded in 2008 to provide research-informed and best practice methodologies for therapy, coaching and training services in conflict and relationship skills. 

Business success and a fulfilling family life are built on strong interpersonal and conflict resolution skills, stress management and the ability to maintain clear work-life boundaries. Elizabeth is passionate about building resilient and effective relationship skills for work and personal life.

Her diverse professional career spans over 35 years experience working with commercial, government and NFP enterprises in collaborative projects, conflict resolution, executive coaching, training and mediation with a wide range of industries, including family business, financial services, education, health services, corporate and government agencies, and SME clients.

Elizabeth is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Nationally Accredited Mediator, Conflict Skills Coach, Collaborative Practitioner, and a Couple and Family Therapist who works with a trauma-informed approach.

Elizabeth has trained extensively with Drs John and Julie Gottman in their world-renowned programs based on the only research-based model for relationship conflicts. She shares how this crucial information can be applied both in private and public life.

Elizabeth has trained in CINERGY® Conflict Coaching and with the High Conflict Institute to assist organisations improve their responses to conflicts and elevate attention to positive workplace culture.

Elizabeth is designer of the Conflict Confidence MethodTM, a simple 6-step strategy that helps businesses find positive outcomes to the inevitable and the unexpected workplace conflicts. The Conflict Confidence Method is based on world renowned relationship skills research and the best evidence-based practices in conflict resolution and organisational behaviours.

She is passionate about helping leaders and teams, families and couples develop more flexible thinkingand attitudes to broing more creativity to solving predictable and gridlocked problems. Improving our mental health means building healthy relationships both at work and at home.


  • Master Social Science, Counselling
  • Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
  • BA Social Work
  • Accredited Mediator
  • CINERGY® Trained Conflict Coach
  • Gottman Couples Method Trained Relationship Therapist Level 3
  • EMDR Trained Therapist Level 1
  • Collaborative Divorce Relationship Consultant

Resilience: Re-Imagined
A Personal Perspective on Resilience

I have lived with incomplete tetraplegia, a complex ‘disability’, for the past 13 years, following the removal of a benign tumour in my spinal cord. ‘Imcomplete’ equates to partial paralysis throughout my body, from my 3rd vertebrae, which means limited muscle control and very limited muscle memory. Moving my body: standing, walking, sitting and even lying down, requires my conscious thought and attention.  

In 2012 I was struggling with complex pain and a bunch of weird, apparently unrelated symptoms. I could not have imagined how much my my personal and professional life was about to totally change.

Suddenly diagnosed with a rare type of spinal cord tumor and extensive surgery led to living with complicated paralysis. With extensive rehabilitation and hard work, I re-learned to walk and to manage a body that does not always fully cooperate with my intentions.

‘Dis-ability’ is not an easy description to wear. My personal preference is to describe myself as ‘radically-abled’. Every day I have to solve tricky and tedious problems that most people could not even imagine experiencing.

Whether it’s literally tripping over myself, or thriving while surviving a series of unfortunate events, I love sharing how you can create value from adversity and honour your uniqueness.

We can all gain valuable insights from the inevitable downfalls, bruises, failures, and related scars that are part of our life journey.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Baines.

January 2016, surrealist artist Andrew Baines, invited the public to don suits, hats and bring a teacup to the seaside for one of his many photographic events. This event was for Beyond Blue. At this time I was still reliant on my orange wheelchair and my walking poles. Standing and balancing in shallow water was a marvellous challenge, slightly surreal in itself.

My Approach:

The Conflict Confidence Method 

I have distilled the best research and evidence-based expertise in conflict resolution, relationship skills and business behaviours to help you systematically predict, assess and navigate workplace conflicts. 

The Conflict Confidence Method™ is a unique and simple 6-step strategy to align your executive, leadership and staff teams with positive relationship management and proactive conflict resolution skills.  

Managing conflict is no easy task. Mismanaged conflict is very expensive and very common.  

The risks to an organisation’s bottom line and reputation, to effective working relationships, damaged morale and motivation at work are costly. 

The Conflict Confidence Method™ training and resources are a straightforward toolkit for predicting and achieving more success in personal and professional relationships.  

A harmonious, inclusive workplace is your most reliable investment strategy to successfully manage inevitable and unexpected workplace conflicts.